Holistic Nutritional and Wellbeing Counsellor

Giovana Restino

Holistic Nutritional Health & Wellness counselling, coaching and mentoring, as well as an abundance of health and vitality empowering classes and workshops.




  • Holistic Nutritional and wellbeing Consultation 
  • Health and Wellness Coaching and Mentoring 
  • Holistic Wellbeing Centred Classes and Workshops
  • Oriental Exercise Class with Chanting - For greater alignment of your highness potential 
  • And more!

About Giovana Restino


Trained with the Kushi Institue of Macrobiotic of Nutritional Health and Wellness

As a Leadership Professional in Holistic Nutritional Wellbeing Consultation, Counselling and Coaching, and Macrobiotic Nutritional and Wellbeing Teacher and Chef. Additionally, trained in Personal Development Coaching and Spiritual Development, providing an unique holistic quality to her teachings and approach.  


Inspired by the mission to help the world by empowering each individual to become their best self, reaching their desired goals, committed and motivated, living the most fulfilled life and shine their unique light in this world. 


Giovana is committed to empowering you to live a life or health, vitality and absolute joy holistically. This is thought the essential knowledges for health and vitality gained in her classes, workshops and 1-1 Personal Holistic Nutritional and Health and Wellness Consultations and ongoing 1-1 Coaching. These provide better understanding of where you are and the exact direction to take which guide you towards succeeding your individual goals. 


About Holistic Health



What do I mean when I speak about holistic health? Holistic health is the harmony of all aspect that make up the human being experience. It is looking at all the key components necessary to have health and wellness within yourself and with your outer world. 


Nutritional balance is a very important Key component, but not the only one that makes up the Holistic Harmony Circle. We have to take into consideration, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance as well. In addition to social connection and outer world balance as well as many other factors within each of the areas mentioned above and more. It is looking at the body, mind and soul as a whole and considering the inner world just as important as the outer world. Looking at the invaluable laws of the universe and living according to our own unique individual wellbeing. 


A great way to start or continue in your journey of heath and vitality holistically is empowering your self with important information and skills for a long, healthy and happy life. This can be done through the Classes and Workshops which Giovana provides or through the Holistic Health and Wellness Programs and privet Heath and wellness consultation and coaching. 


Initial Consultation 


Holistic Nutritional and Health & Wellness Counselling 


For over all heath and wellness, 


Duration: 90 minute 


Initial Consultation Special Price £88 



Health and Wellness Coaching and Mentoring 


Duration: 45 minutes

Special Clinic Price £70 



Package Coaching sessions: 


4 coaching sessions: £65 per session


8+ coaching sessions: £60 per session 


Menu Planning 


Duration: 60 minites

Special Clinic Price: £70


9 Star Ki Consultation 


Ancient oriental astrology for health, vitality and alignment into your potential.

Sit down consultation providing some insights the enables you to understand yourself deeper and helps with the following:

Helps with:

Health and wellness


Personal development

And spiritual progress


Duration: 60 minutes


Special Price: £70



Classes, Lectures, Workshops 


24th September, 7pm - WEBINAR - How To Eat Healthy and In Balance The answers may surprise you! An introduction. 

30th September, 11am - 12pm - Food as Medicine - and an intro to the 5 energies of the universe


14th October, 11am - 12pm - Your Body Talks - understanding and listening to your body's communication, for a healthier, happier and more balanced life.

Date TBC: Self Shiatsu - for greater health and vitality - workshop

Date TBC: Parents Wisdom Class - for healthy and vitality-filled children and family - an introduction. More information coming soon.


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