with Ben Leamon

Ben qualified from the Surrey Institute of Osteopathic Medicine in July 2017 with a Masters degree. Previously to this he completed a level 3 diploma in sports massage therapy and a foundation degree in sports therapy. He has worked with various sports teams, athletes and at charity events helping people from all walks of life. 

'I decided to pursue this career path because I find the human body incredible and I'll be continuously learning about it until the day I retire. I treat everyone I see as individuals and work with them to the best of my ability. I believe greatly in health education and believe that the more someone understand their ailments, the more likely and determined they will be to overcome them.' 


His treatment approach normally consists of but not limited to-postural analysis, soft tissue treatment, manipulations and articulation of joints and rehabilitation exercises and advice to help the patient after they leave the treatment room.


Walk-ins every Tuesday

FREE 10 minutes consultation

between 9.00am - 1.00pm


Osteopathic treatment: initial consultation £40 45mins
Follow up treatments £38
Sports massage treatments: £30 for 30 mins 
£50 for 1hour 


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