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Highly qualified and experienced, Samantha's professionalism is exceptional. Throughout your treatment time, just indulge yourself in her calm and kind nature; she is particularly skilled in skin care and massage. Sam is at your service  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (up to 8:00 p.m.)


Magda is a Level 3 Beauty Therapist who carries out a wide range of treatments from manicure and pedicures to massage and facials. Her gentle, caring and compassionate nature ensure that clients are getting the maximum benefits from their time with us.

Her forte is:  Indian Head Massage.

Magda is at your service especially on

Saturdays from 9:00 a.m.

The benefits of massage for people with diabetes

As with any population, massage is a beneficial complementary therapy -- diabetics, however, can find the results especially helpful.

Circulation -- There is no getting around the fact that massage can increase circulation, thereby encouraging the efficient transport of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Improved circulation, in turn, improves the cells' insulin uptake.

Relaxation -- The benefits of relaxation should not be underestimated, especially within the diabetic community. Consider the physical and psychological stresses of living with a debilitating disease and the need to self-medicate and monitor on a daily basis, as well as the burden diabetes puts on the body and its systems. That said, it's easy to see the therapeutic correlation between massage and diabetes. With the release of endorphins, the nervous system calms, there is a reduction of stress hormones and the diabetic client can find a homeostasis with their blood sugar levels.

Myofascial Effects -- with diabetes, you may likely find a thickening of the connective tissue caused by increased blood sugars. Massage will help to increase mobility and tissue elasticity that has been hindered by that thickening effect. Of course, a good exercise program -- with an efficient stretching regimen -- will also benefit you.

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