Natural Healing Solutions

by our pro-active team

Our therapists are...


  • Highly qualified and experienced
  • Knowledgeable and friendly
  • Active listeners
  • Able to deal with a wide range of ailments so you get the most from each treatment
  • Willing to research areas of concern in order to give you the most successful personalised treatment plan.
  • Will cross-refer to each other to achieve the best results for your healing in mind


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Complementary therapies can help to empower an individual to manage and cope with their condition and its associated symptoms. Some therapies may also help to prevent conditions or symptoms from escalating. The principal purpose of most complementary therapies is to produce a therapeutic effect additional to that offered by other medical or pharmacological interventions.

*Complementary therapies should never be used in place of orthodox medical care or medication. Always consult your doctor for medical care and diagnosis. Always advise your doctor or other healthcare professional (i.e. midwife or consultant) if you are receiving complementary therapy healthcare.

 (The Federation of Holistic Therapies)

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